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Being a student and a passionate da'ee (preacher) of Islam, Iftikhar Islam strives hard to establish unity and peace in the society. A graduate in Commerce, has done his fellowship in Entrepreneurship from IIPM School of Business & Economy - Hyderabad. Currently pursuing the degree in Law from KSLU.

Since he is interested in the field of social activities, he founded GPRF in the year 2011 and stands firm as Founder-Secretary since then. He preaches Islamic way of life and aims to unite people of all faiths to live in harmony and peace - as one brotherhood in humanity.

Though he is an ardent of entrepreneurship & business management, he is keen interested in the field of education and pens down his editorials related to socio-education on Passionate Writers - a blog initiated by him. His articles related to Islamic way of life appears on Islamic Reasoning - a blog started by him, dedicated to represent Islamic ethics and values.

Know more about him on his website.

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